About the Author

My name is Dan Trachtman, and I am a freelance interactive designer and art director. This will be a space dedicated to writing about topics I am most passionate about: websites, online campaigns, usability, design, typography, etc.

Some upcoming topics:

  • Best practices for mega-footers
  • The evolution of hyperlink styles (more interesting than you may think)
  • Real-world people moving interfaces such as lunch counter queues and waiting areas
  • Button confusion on metro: A case study on everyday iconography and industrial design
  • Comparing donor management systems
  • Are we ready to let go of the left-hand nav?

More about me:

I have been focused on interactive design since starting my career at the National Museum of American History in 1995. I have worked for a variety of agencies, Fortune 500, non-profits, and government organization both as a freelance designer and an in-house art director. My longest commitments have been with the National Gallery of Art and Library of Congress. Some of his other clients have included NASDAQ, AOL, NPR, and Macromedia. Currently, I am trying to focus exclusively on nonprofit work as that is what I find most rewarding.

I have an MFA in graphic design from California College of the Arts and have taught at Corcoran College of Art and Design and Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

Please feel free to get in touch!

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